Catamaran rental Ibiza

Comfort on Board

Are you looking to live a unique adventure in the beautiful sea of ​​Ibiza and Formentera? You have come to the right place! On our catamaran rental website in Ibiza, we give you the opportunity to explore these crystal clear waters and discover their charms on board a catamaran. What are you waiting for to set sail towards an unforgettable experience? Discover why renting a catamaran is the perfect choice for your maritime getaway in magical Ibiza.

Lagoon 50

Luxury and elegance aboard the award-winning Lagoon 50, the ultimate expression of comfort and style on the high seas.


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Catamaran rental Ibiza

Catamaran Cruise

A catamaran is the ideal option for your rental in Ibiza. These boats offer a large and stable surface, giving you comfort and safety during your journey. In addition, thanks to its double hull, you will experience smooth and smooth sailing. Imagine feeling the sea breeze caressing your skin as you relax on one of the spacious nets in the bow, enjoying the panoramic view of the horizon. Furthermore, renting a catamaran in Ibiza allows you to access hidden coves and beaches, which are only possible to explore on a boat like this.

Anchoring around the Islands

By renting a catamaran in Ibiza and Formentera, you will have the opportunity to explore some of the most impressive natural wonders of the Mediterranean. From your boat, you can admire the unique sunset at Es Vedrà, one of the most emblematic rock formations on the island. In addition, you can anchor in coves like Cala Comte in Ibiza, famous for its turquoise waters and white sand, and in Formentera, enjoy paradisiacal beaches like Ses Illetes. Your catamaran gives you the freedom to design your own route and explore the best kept secrets of the Ibizan and Formentera coast.

The Importance of Choosing Us

When you choose our company to rent catamarans in Ibiza and Formentera, you are choosing quality, safety and an unparalleled experience. Our catamarans are modern, well maintained and have everything you need to make your trip a memorable moment. Our highly trained team will provide you with personalized service, ensuring that every detail is taken care of to make your experience unforgettable. Don't settle for the ordinary, trust us to live a unique adventure in the sea of ​​Ibiza and Formentera. Catamaran rental Ibiza and Formentera is the right choice to discover these paradises from a unique and extraordinary perspective. Prepare your senses for a journey full of beauty and excitement on the high seas!

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