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Once you are clear about which boat best suits your needs, let us know via WhatsApp, or by Contact Form, or by Email or by Phone, and we will confirm availability. Our team will send you the details and a link to make the 50% payment, safely, easily, quickly. The rest will be paid on the day of boarding.

We accept the following payment methods for your convenience:

  • Bank Transfer: We will provide the necessary banking details so you can make the transfer.
  • Credit card: We accept major credit cards, making the payment process easy. AMEX is not accepted.
  • Cash payment: You can make the payment in cash on the day of boarding, notifying them in advance. The accepted currency will only be the Euro 鈧.

Our 8-hour private charter service includes a number of amenities to ensure a worry-free and satisfying experience. Among other aspects, the charter includes:

  • Captain and crew: You will have an experienced captain and, depending on the boat, a crew to attend to your needs during the trip.

  • Safety equipment: You will have all the safety equipment required for safe navigation.

  • Cleaning and maintenance: The cleaning service is included at the end of your trip, ensuring that you find the boat in optimal conditions.

  • Accident insurance: For your peace of mind, we provide accident insurance for all passengers on board.

  • Complimentary drinks and ice: During the crossing, you can enjoy complimentary drinks and ice to keep your drinks cool.

  • Towels and snorkel equipment: We provide you with clean towels and the necessary equipment to enjoy a snorkeling session and explore the waters on your journey.

Although our charter service includes a wide range of amenities and services, there are some items that are not included in the base charter price. These are:

  • Fuel type: The cost of the fuel necessary for the journey is not included in the charter price and it will be the client's responsibility to cover this expense. Fuel consumption will depend on several factors, such as the duration of the trip and the type of boat.

  • VAT (21%): Value Added Tax (VAT) at 21% is not included in the charter price.

  • Mooring outside the base port: The cost of mooring outside the base port, if you decide to do so, is not included in the charter price. This additional cost may vary depending on the location and duration of the mooring.
  • Various extras: Any additional services, such as special provisions, water sports equipment, transfers, etc..., that you wish during your voyage are not included in the base charter price and will be an additional cost. These extras will be detailed and agreed upon in advance to guarantee a tailored experience.


Common Questions

The day charter lasts 8 hours, generally from 10:00 to 20:00. This allows you to fully enjoy the journey and explore the waters in a full day at sea. It is crucial to arrive on time, as any delay will affect the overall length of the charter. The crew organizes according to the agreed schedule to prepare the boat and ensure an optimal experience. If you arrive late, it will be deducted from the agreed period of 8 hours. Additionally, additional time is needed for proper ship preparation.

In the event of cancellation of a charter reservation, 50% of the reservation payment will be refunded. The remainder will be retained as management fees to cover the costs associated with planning and organizing the reserve. We appreciate your understanding in this regard. If you need more details about our cancellation policy, do not hesitate to contact us.

The safety of our clients is our priority. In the event of bad weather that may jeopardize navigation, we may reschedule your reservation for another time or provide a full refund, as appropriate.

Children are welcome on board, provided a responsible adult has been designated for their care. We prioritize safety; communicates the age and height of children to adjust life jackets. Follow the safety instructions and avoid risks around the engines.

Yes, we are happy to accommodate special requests to make your onboard experience even more memorable. Please contact us in advance to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

Preparing food on board varies depending on the size of the boat. Larger yachts have well-equipped kitchens, crew staff and even chefs. For smaller boats rented for days, the kitchens are more basic and cold meals such as sandwiches or salads or going down to eat at restaurants are recommended. It is always good to consult with our crew beforehand.

We do not offer the option of renting our boats without a skipper. We will always provide an experienced skipper to ensure your safety and comfort during the trip.

Tipping is not mandatory, but is always appreciated by our crew members. If you feel that the crew has provided exceptional service, you can leave a tip as a token of appreciation.

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