Several days excursions

Paradise coves for bathing, spectacular sunsets and the best places to anchor. We show you all the possibilities for you to design your best vacation. Crystal clear waters, sailing, water sports or secret beaches. What do you prefer?

In addition to its spectacular landscapes, its crystalline waters, its white sand coves, its good energy and a thousand other reasons, sailing through Ibiza and Formentera from a marine point of view, has a great advantage, and these islands have the perfect size to be able to travel them in several days.

The route planning is born from the experience and dedication of the Luxury Dreams Ibiza team, choosing the best places to visit with the intention of making your trip fun and enjoyable. However, our routes are only a recommendation and we want to convey our flexibility to adjust it according to your concerns and needs to get a trip, as pleasant as possible. Our expert patrons will advise you at all times, because the weather will condition the anchorages and they have prepared alternatives to make your navigation, an unforgettable vacation.

1st Day from San Antonio to Cala Bassa

You start sailing towards NO and NE towards Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta. You can not miss them. Ideal for a quiet bath or dive in its transparent waters and cool off with the spectacular mojitos prepared by hippies. You can even bring them to the boat on a paddlesurf board.

Then he goes to Cala Bassa. Another beautiful cove surrounded by a pine forest. It is also a very good place to spend the night. Mediterranean in its purest form!

No doubt the sunset will be more spectacular in Cala Compte. The sun will set over a sea dotted with small islands. However, for the night, this cove is more exposed and offers less shelter than Cala Bassa.

2nd Day from Cala Bassa to Cala Porroig

On this day, some of the most famous coves on the island of Ibiza are visited. Cala Conta, Cala Tarida or Cala Vedella are mandatory stops. It also passes through Cala D´Hort and the enigmatic island of Es Vedrà. This destination is one of the best kept secrets of the island: Cala Porroig, one of the favorite corners of Ibiza. A beautiful cove and little frequented by tourists. Its fishermen’s huts make it very picturesque. It is also a magnificent refuge for boats, since it is very protected from the sea. You can enjoy a very quiet night after a seafood dinner.

Panoramic view of Cala Compte

If instead of the tranquility of Porroig, the body asks you for some gear, calm down, we are in Ibiza! We lift anchors and move to Cala Jondal. There you will find some of the places with the best atmosphere in Ibiza. Blue Marlin will allow you to enjoy a mojito in a white bed on the beach, live music and a parade of beautiful people.

3rd Day from Cala Porroig to Formentera

You leave Cala Porroig heading SE towards Formentera. The first stop will be the island of Espalmador. This island is part of the Ses Salines natural park and is one of the most impressive landscapes of Formentera. Since we are here, you have a mandatory activity, a classic of the island, give yourself a mud bath and give yourself a little envy in your social networks, in plan, “Look, I’m in Formenteraaaaa!”. Take advantage, it will be one of the few times where being up to the eyes of mud will be very cool!

We will sail along the west coast of Formentera. We will pass by the beach of Ses Illetes, and we will visit the only port of the island, La Savina. Our destination today: Cala Saona. Be careful, visiting this cove by boat can cause serious consequences when you return to the routine. Cala Saona is beautiful. Crystal clear waters of a color that you can not forget. Take a bath, dive. Welcome to Paradise.

Cala Saona

Cala Saona is very quiet, so it will be an ideal place to anchor tonight. It has beach bars and restaurants to eat and have a cocktail. If you feel like stretching your legs you can take a walking tour to the cliffs of Punta Rasa.

4th Day of Cala Saona to Ses Illetes

If you have not gone crazy yet and are still doubting whether to go hippie and stay on the island, today may be the day. You navigate heading N or NO along the coast to the spanish Caribbean, the beach of Ses Illetes. The turquoise color of its crystalline waters and its fine white sand have given it its well-deserved nickname. Relax and enjoy the scenery, the water, your friends, your family and your day by boat.

Do you want to discover the island of Formentera? There’s still time. Renting a boat in Ibiza and Formentera does not imply being 24 hours in it. In the port of La Savina you can rent a bicycle, the most comfortable and popular means of transport to tour the island. Visit their hippy markets, meet their bohemian artists and take an excursion to La Mola Lighthouse.

5th Day of Ses Illetes to Ses Salines

N-NO is heading back to Ibiza. We go to the most famous beach on the island: Ses Salines. What is the most famous beach for? Because it is full of famous faces. And why are there famous faces? Because it is probably one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It is located in the natural park of Ses Salines, it is a sandy beach protected by dunes and pine trees. It is bathed by waters of special purity and transparency thanks to the meadow of Oceanic Posidonia, declared a world heritage site.

Are you ready to anchor and bathe with a football player or a Hollywood actress?

Excursions and Boat Routes in Ibiza for a day