Snorkeling in Ibiza

Snorkeling in Ibiza

Did you know that Ibiza, known for its nightlife and cultural events, is also a paradise for snorkelers? Yeah! This beautiful Mediterranean island offers surprising natural diversity both on land and underwater. With approximately 200 kilometers of coastline and around 70 beaches, Ibiza becomes the perfect destination to explore the wonders of snorkeling in its crystal clear waters.

Discovering the Underwater Life of Ibiza

The warm waters of Ibiza between June and October, with average temperatures above 20ºC, And a underwater visibility of more than 30 meters, provide the ideal setting to explore its rich underwater life. From colorful fish to majestic sea ​​turtles, the diversity of sea creatures you can find is simply amazing.

In the north of the island, there are the most outstanding bays and coves, which offer rocky bottoms perfect for an exciting snorkeling adventure. Here are some of the best options:

Coves and Bays Perfect for Snorkeling

1. Cala d´En Serra

A popular bay with locals, located east of Portinatx. With fishing shacks and quaint piers, this sandy beach offers great snorkeling on its right side.

2. Es Pou d´es Lleó and Cala Mastella

In the northeast of the island, these bays offer crystal clear waters and sandy beaches accessible by car. It is a quiet place and perfect for exploring the large rock walls.

3. Cala Xarraca

This attractive cove, at the foot of a red earth cliff, has a sandy beach and a rocky bottom. It is ideal for exploring underwater life and enjoying the beauty of the landscape.

4. Xuclar Cove

A small cove surrounded by pine trees in the area of ​​Portinatx. With a slab stone and gravel shoreline, it offers a beautiful snorkeling route from the beach to the east.

5. Punta Galera

This striking rock landscape is perfect for snorkeling, with deep waters and unique rock formations. It is a calm and beautiful place to immerse yourself in underwater wonders.

6. Porroig

A tiny cove in the west of Ibiza, with fishing huts and calm waters. It is a great place to anchor the yacht and explore the surrounding waters.

7. Sa Caleta

A quiet beach with unique clay sand and turquoise waters, surrounded by high cliffs. The wide variety of marine species makes this beach an ideal destination for snorkeling.

8. Cala Albarca

Although a little difficult to reach by land, this small cove of rocks is impressive and accessible by boat. Swimming and snorkeling here is a unique experience.

9. Cala Molí

Located in the southwest of Ibiza, this pebble beach is popular with locals. With a rocky floor and caves, it is a great place to explore underwater life.

These are just some of the wonderful options that Ibiza has to offer snorkeling enthusiasts. Prepare your equipment and dive into the waters of Ibiza to discover a fascinating underwater world!

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