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Sea Lovers

In the heart of the Mediterranean, nestled in crystal-clear waters, are the paradisiacal islands of Ibiza and Formentera, emblematic destinations that breathe sea breezes, Mediterranean culture and an unparalleled lifestyle. In this dream setting, our community dedicated to boat rental is born, an invitation to explore the magic of the sea and live unique experiences.


Roger Ávila Abellanas

Professional Employer & CEO

Our value

Transform Trips into Experiences

Join our community and discover the unmatched charm of sailing in the magical waters of Ibiza and Formentera. We are waiting for you on board!


Our Mission

We strive to be a beacon that guides maritime adventurers on their journey, providing them with flexible and safe options to explore these magical coasts at their own pace. With a strong commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment, we strive to encourage responsible boating practices and ecological awareness among our community, to ensure that future generations can also enjoy these natural treasures.


Our Vision

We make a difference in the boat rental industry, offering exceptional service that goes beyond the simple transaction. We seek to create an authentic bond with our clients, understanding their needs and desires to recommend the perfect boat and the ideal itinerary, thus ensuring that each voyage is a tailored and memorable experience.

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