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The best hidden beaches of Ibiza

As summer approaches, it becomes increasingly difficult to find some peace and quiet on the beaches of Ibiza. It is here when driving those additional 2 kilometers to find the most isolated beaches and coves is the best option.

In this publication, we recommend some of the most beautiful and relaxed beaches and hidden coves in Ibiza.

1. Cala Llentrisca

You can find this small rocky cove about 3 kilometers from Es Cubells. It is one of the quietest in the area. Its crystal clear waters are perfect for swimming or diving.

2. Cala Olivera

Cala Olivera and Cala Llonga are less than 4 kilometers away. Its location, just after the Roca Llisa neighborhood, and the unreliable hike, make this cove, one of the least popular among bathers in the region. However, it has definitely suffered an increase in followers in recent years. It has a rocky part for those looking for total tranquility and a small sandy area with the strange scattered hammocks.

3. Atlantis (Pedrera de Cala d’Hort)

An absolute paradise, but only accessible to those who are fit and healthy, since to get there it is necessary to cross an immense sand dune (no problem to go down, but it is a bit more complicated to go back up).

Formerly a quarry, the site is located within the boundaries of the wildlife park of Cala d’Hort, and is 7 kilometers from the city of Sant Josep. Its natural crystalline pools are a completely unique attraction, although it is recommended that you be careful if you bathe with the rough sea.

4. Cala d ‘Albarca

Also known as “Cala Aubarca” by the locals, it offers visitors one of the best bathing experiences in the north of the island.

It is located a few kilometers from Sant Mateu. It has earned the title of “area of special natural interest” that offers a typical landscape of the north of the island: dense pine forests and imposing cliffs facing the sea.

Cala d’Abarca it is one of the most pristine coves on the island and is often enjoyed in total solitude.

5. Cala d’en Serra

It is located about 9 kilometers from Sant Joan and very close to Portinax. Cala d’en Serra is a small cove that is in the middle of a totally virgin natural environment, which fills the lungs of visitors with pure air of the Mediterranean sea.

The area has a beach bar and some cabins to change, but little else. When you bathe, it is recommended to wear hard sole bath shoes to avoid getting hurt with rocks or sea urchins, also the snorkeling gear is definitive for curious nature lovers.

6. Cala Xarraca

Depending on the time of the year, you can find Cala Xarraca more or less empty, although in recent years it has grown in popularity among tourists and locals alike.

Cala Xarraca is another must for snorkeling enthusiasts, as this small enclave offers a true paradise to do so.

7. Es Canaret

A small cove that is located right next to Cala Xarraca and 6 kilometers from Sant Joan, here you will find turquoise waters and sandy bottoms.

Until recently, it was difficult to access the cove, but now there is a walkable path. Perhaps it is for this reason that it remains unknown to many residents of Ibiza.

8. Punta Galera

On the coast of San Antonio and right next to Cala Salada, we find Punta Galera, one of the best known nude beaches and also one of the favorites among divers.

Although there is no bedtime sand, its huge rock plains offer a certain level of comfort to enjoy.

It also constitutes one of the best landscapes on the island. Curiously, it is the remarkable lack of signage that makes Punta Galera a place where bathers will never overwhelm you.

9. S’Estanyol

One of the “peaceful getaways” closest to the city of Ibiza (only 4 kilometers). An awkward overland walk is what prevents S’Estanyol from filling up with visitors.

It has a sandy and rocky area to throw in the towel and a small row of changing cabins, where we can sit if we seek complete silence.

S’Estanyol also houses a small beach bar where you can relax and recover your energy.

10. Cala Codolar

Of all the coves mentioned in this list, Cala de Codolar (about 7 kilometers from Sant Josep) is perhaps the one that attracts the most attention of bathers.

Despite this, it is strange to see it crowded with people, and always offers a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Windy days offer perfect water conditions to see the underwater world with or without glasses. This cove also has a small beach bar and some sun loungers are available for rent.

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