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The magic of Es Vedrà

Whether you believe in mysticism or not, the size of Es Vedrà will definitely impress you. This small rocky island on the southwest side of Ibiza is part of the nature reserve of Cala d’Hort, located in Sant Josep de Sa Talaia.

This colossal rock, which is 382 meters high, is uninhabited. Why? The goats that used to live there were intentionally killed in 2016 because, as the government explained later, they were eating and destroying all endemic flora and fauna.

Apart from this random fact, the island is known for being energetic, and is known as the “third most magnetic spot on Earth” after the North Pole and Bermuda.

It is true that Es Vedrà is made of limestone, so there are no magnetic metals there, but even without evidence showing that it is a force of attraction, there have been many reports of navigation instruments affected when approaching the area or penetrating in the mysterious triangle of silence, located in the vertices that form Es Vedrà, the southwest coast of Mallorca and the rock of Ifach (Alicante). Even the disorientation of pigeons when passing through this area is certified by their breeders, who say they are unable to return to the dovecote.

It is also a famous show for UFO sightings. Many fishermen claim to have heard strange noises and seen underwater lights just below Es Vedrà. If you want to read more about it, prepare some popcorn and consult the information about the UFO incident in the Manises case that was the first forced landing for this reason in Spanish commercial aviation.

Beyond the presence of aliens, it is sure, a special meeting point for spiritual people who come to touch with the healing energy of this place and celebrate meditation events. The feeling you have when you’re there is something indescribable, so my best recommendation is to go and draw your own conclusions. The views of the landscape are incredible… You can see the curved horizon, the majestic cliffs and, if you’re lucky, a family of dolphins swimming across the sea.

You can take a boat trip to see the magic from a distance, snorkel in the blue waters or climb to the des Savinar Tower and contemplate the grandeur of the place.

If this seems too adventurous, but you still want to see Es Vedrà, visit Cala d’Hort, enjoy the beach and the views of this magical rock from the shore or from the restaurants on the beach. Surely it will not leave you indifferent!

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